About Me

Name: Caitlin T. Charles

Education: Class of 20225 @ Hunter College

Born: September 22nd in New Hyde Park, New York

Favorite Color: Purple

Creative Statement

Hello Visitors, Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find some projects created in my MEDP 15000 class. Coming into this class I knew a little bit about using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I attended Manhattan Early College School for Advertising were it was required to take a media class. Although I did this before I kinda got rusty when it was re-introduced to me. Throughout this website you will se what I have created. A personal favorite of mine is Project 7(Emotive Eye Gif). I use gifs on all of my presentations to make it not look boring and it was very cool that I got to create my own! I created this website in hopes of someone in need of my services. So please look around and leave me any feedback! (This will become my side job.) Although this class was interesting my real passion is to become an Epidemiologist. I hope to one day finish my undergrad and then attend medical school!

Projects I Have Created